Freedom Is Reached!


Exhibition view   I   Gallery Hinten   I   Chemnitz 2018












The central thread that runs through this exhibition broadly encompasses the three core ideas: beauty – which can be experienced directly and physically; the sublime, which is inexpressible and unrepresentable, the idea that goes beyond the beauty; and freedom as a key idea related to our ability to express ourselves.


This exhibition was being “constructed” over several months during which individual works were conceived and a balance began to establish itself in the very artworks as well as in the whole presentation of works: between warm and cold, large and small, simple and complex, object and painting. On the other hand, through the creation process these artworks emerged to the painting surface and the common feature that they all exhibit is that they all tend to “strive upward”. In the sculptures this is evident in their very form which is directed vertically and they seem to “grow out” from the base while in the paintings the brushstrokes are expressively directed upwards. As in all my previous works, beauty is expressed through a feeling of lightness, the intensity of colours, and the ordering of the compositions in the exhibition space.


The title is a personal statement which highlights a belief that the true value in art (and life) can be discovered through a confrontation with the threatening and unknown, and by drawing our attention to anything in art that challenges our capacity to understand and that fills us with wonder.