Earth, Roots, Fire and Other Strange Lines


Series of 40 drawings on paper   I   150 x 125cm   I   Leipzig 2021-2022





Our fleeting and fragmented everyday experiences and interactions leave little room for us to grasp and reflect on the unhurried but deeply rooted and seemingly endless life of nature and the world that we are part of. Squeezed within the frame of the earth and the sky, where we come into being and perish in the end, we experience the light, air, vibrations and sounds of nature but in an everyday sense, often without noticing the roots of it all which run deep into the core of nature’s past where it all started.


These drawings are an exploration of this atmosphere of endlessness, sparked off by my interest in the history of plants, in which various shapes and forms float and fly, touch and transform each other and ultimately find their own place. The drawings aim to capture and preserve these shapes and forms for a split second, before they scatter and fade away and entirely disappear. This is an attempt at colourful storytelling aimed at my surroundings and prompted by an abundance of strange lines that exist or seem to exist in nature and our nature.


The drawings presented here are part of a series of forty drawings (150×125 cm each) that I've done at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. My work was supported by the Neustart Kultur Programme grant received throught the VG Bild-Kunst, Berlin, Bonn, 2021-2022