Composition 45


I   oil on canvas   I   34x28cm (each)   I   Leipzig 2019







Composition 45 consists of forty-five small-format works placed at right angles forming a grid that extends to 3.5 by 2.5 meters. This work, in fact, was created quite spontaneously in 2019 when I mostly focused on small-format paintings over the course of the entire year. While working on these small formats, I was interested in the relationship between line and colour, azure brushstrokes and thick layers of paint. The goal was for each individual piece to reflect my state of mind while they were being created and, by putting them together, to reach an unusually blended composition that transcends the individual parts and serves as a collage of imagination showing my thoughts of the possible shapes, forms, textures, objects, landscapes and vegetation of a secret and still unknown place or planet or even entire cosmos.