Come Closer


Come Closer to See (Nothing)   I   graphite on paper   I   42 x 29,7cm   I     Regionale 17 / Mulhouse 2014









This site-specific work was created for the ‘Regionale 13’ exhibition in Mulhouse in France. The minimal intervention on an A3 blank paper sought to be a playful interaction with the visitors and to make them engage with the work. The work consisted of a blank surface and one sentence in the middle of the paper which read: ‘Come closer to see nothing’. The sentence was handwritten in a small font, which made it almost impossible for the spectators to read it until they came closer and saw the work from a short distance. During the exhibition, the paper was placed on a seat and the spectators had to make an effort to bend over (bow) in order to take a look at the work. Furthermore, the text ‘Come closer to see nothing’ was written in a way that the first part of the sentence was visible, whereas the rest of the sentence was gradually fading away with the word ‘nothing’ becoming almost invisible. The aim of the art work is to manipulate the spectator and to force them to unconsciously move, as well as to intrigue and attract them by the very meaning of the text.