Art Residency at Edition Bucciali


etching and engraving prints   I   70 x 50cm   I   Colmar 2018







In June 2018 I had a chance to be the guest artist at the Editions Bucciali where I developed a series of engravings, etchings, aquatints and dry point prints. These prints are neither duplication nor interpretation; they represent the fruit of the artist’s gesture applied directly to the copper, preserved as it is. The workshop’s approach, including design, printing, publishing and distribution of the works, is unique. Each year since 1983, Editions Bucciali has been inviting guest artist from all over the world to come for a short stay to the city of Colmar and work in their studio run by Remy and Alma Bucciali who are in charge of all technical issues related to the preproduction process and printing. Every year, Bucciali Editions produces more than two hundred limited editions, sold all over the world. The plates are destroyed after the printing and recycled, thus guaranteeing the authenticity and uniqueness of prints.


Photo:  Celia Housset