All in Place


Selection of paintings   I   oil on canvas   I  min. 30 x 24cm – max. 150 x 120cm   I   2014-2020







The paintings presented have been created during 2016 and 2017. These works convey their meaning in a language of pure art; they rely on dealing with creational issues and completely disregard the concepts of theme and object. By applying solid, thick layers of colour, the brushstrokes touch and permeate each other, thus creating an effect of a solid structure 'hovering over' the painting surface. A special atmosphere, positive pulsation, serenity and harmony contribute to bringing together the rational and the perceptive, the concrete and the intimate in work. A painting is often born out of an insignificant detail such as a perception of a certain colour, the feel of texture, recalling a specific shape or sound, thus developing through an unspecified period of time to the very maturity or certainty that these details can be turned into new life. Aimlessly, following the natural and instinctive striving for the ultimate moment when an artwork finally takes shape, in anxiety and exaltation, the practical artistic work comes down to searching for the optimal expression – elusive, always beyond our grasp hidden among thousands of possibilities, and almost every time finds its end in an entirely unexpected shape or form.