VII. International Art Symposium 2022 Gedankensplitter

Memories in many varieties   I  Art symposium Gedankensplitter, GEDOK Mitteldeutschland e. V   I  June 28 – July 10, 2022


Memories in many varieties is a title of the proposed work for VII. Art Symoposium Gedankensplitter. This painting (1.5 x 3m) shows the activity of the dying human brain and the rhythmic brain waves at the moment of death, which are similar to those that occur during dreaming, remembering and meditating. This brief period of time, lasting a little less than a minute at the moment of death, is rich in visual hallucinations and revives the images and memory fragments we have collected throughout our lives. This phenomenon is called a “life review” or “flashback.” For us as observers, however, this painting which consits of fragments of memory is unfinished and elusive mystery that can only be expanded or connected to something with the help of our imagination and the need to find a reasonable explanation for it.


The aim of this work is to remind us of the passing of time and encourage us to pay more attention to the things, events, outlines and details around us, trying to raise awareness that everything we see, hear and feel leaves traces in our minds and represents a part of us.



Working process as well as final result and the opening of the Art Symposium   I   Leipzig 2022