Festival: Begehungen 2019

The festival Begehungen 2019, Braustolz in Chemnitz, from 15 August to 18 August 2019.

Vernissage: 15 August at 7pm at the former brewery Braustolz, Feldschlößchen 18, Chemnitz, DE


Once a year, the Begehungen art festival, an independent arts and culture festival dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists organised by Begehungen e. V. invites its visitors to initiate debates about selected themes by means of art. This year, the subject of the festival is Rausch and the festival, including the exhibition took place in the former brewery Braustolz in Chemnitz. Twenty artworks were selected to be presented from 15 August until 18 August including my site specific sculpture titled Does this Trolley Sleep at Night?, followed by numerous concerts, performances and talks. A short poem inspired by the interior and the old trolley found in the brewery was written and presented as part of the sculpture:


an abandoned and desolate place

where you can rarely see a human face

where old life seems absent

transformed into memories

and remembrance of things past



lie in the dust

fill an empty silos

flow inside the dry pipes


the beer

once made here

now makes no one drunk

but every smell, taste, sound

still lives – permeates everything

doors, floors, crates


a rusty trolley

useless , drunken, intoxicated

lies here

carrying the weight

of a heavy world that once existed

and is no more



Photo credit: Begehungen e.V. / Linda Kolodjuk