Drawings 2014-2017

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‘In the beginning, there was light, simply light. For followers of the Bible, the words ‘Let there be light’ marked the beginning of everything. Science tells us that light initiated life on earth; plants and animals could not exist without it. What ever one’s philosophical inclination, light is intrinsic to our physical and spiritual selves. It gives us the power of vision so that looking and consequent ‘seeing’ is possible. Because the evolution of human intelligence is primarily based on information we have gathered through vision, light has come to mean illumination and enlightenment, a possession of the mind. Not only does it reveal what is around us, it also makes known that which is inside us. That illumination is often spiritual in nature, applied both to God as the source of divine light and to individuals who manifest it.’

Extract from the ‘Spirit and Light and the Immensity Within,’┬áLynn M. Herbert