Mihaela Vujnovic

I was born in 1989 in Croatia and I grew up in Belgrade, where I graduated in 2012 in fine art from the Faculty of Fine Arts. Afterwards, I moved to France where I was awarded an MFA from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nancy. In 2015, I received another MFA degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Currently I live and work in Leipzig, Germany.

By relying on the belief that the true value in art and in life can be discovered through a confrontation with the threatening and the unknown, in my artworks I aim to emphasise the issues that challenge our capacity to understand and that fill us with wonder.

When I was just two years old I was faced with the experience of leaving my home country and starting my life in a different surrounding. Ever since these times, I have always been faced with the reality of having two homes, speaking two or three languages, as I studied in France and am currently living in Germany, and stretching my thoughts and emotions across several countries. These diverse cultural experiences challenged my capacities and questioned my understanding of identity, time and space and they drew my attention to finding reasonable and meaningful connections among these complex and abstract notions. By relying on the power of abstraction and by drawing on the complexities of my personal experience I found my own, visual identity that speaks a universal language and is a tool for non-recognition of mental and physical borders around me.

Aside from these personal and formative experiences, some of my works resonate with literature and the classical cinema. Components of cinema (the interplay between the still and the moving image, the importance of light and shadow, framing and cutting, etc.) have created my sense of what makes a great memorable image. More abstractly, films have affected my idea of information sequencing which means that I am fully aware of the fact that painting demands to express its story at once, but I also aim to prolong the viewing time. For this reason, I am interested in the complexity and the layering of information and I want the viewer to experience my work, not only by looking straight at it but towards, around, into and out of it in order to perceive its complex dimensions.

Selected exhibitions
  • 2018  Freedom is Reached!, Gallery HINTEN, Chemnitz, Germany
  • 2017  All in place, SKUC, Pula, Croatia
  • 2016  Come Closer to See Nothing, Belgrade Youth Centre, Serbia
  • 2015  Action ou Vérité?, Gallery NaMiMa, Nancy, France. A group show featuring selected art students who graduated in 2014 at ENSAN in France. Participants: Juliette Ancé, Hélène Bleys, Jeannie Brie, Alma Bucciali, Damien Gete, Kirsty Grascha, Remi Illig, Camille Michel, Hugo Lermechin, Mihaela Vujnovic et Xi Zijian. 
  • 2013  Zeichnen, zeichnen, toujours, toujours, Regionale 13, Mulhouse, France. Group show of the selected art students from the art academies in Strasbourg, Metz, Nancy and Mulhouse.
  • 2013  Moi parmi eux, MJC Pichon, Nancy, France. Participants: Adin Rastoder, Zdravko Delibasic, Marija Avramovic and Mihaela Vujnovic.
  • 2011  Untitled Exhibition, Labin Art Festival, Labin, Croatia

Art Residencies
  • 2018 Artist Residency, Edition Bucciali - Printmaking Workshop and Gallery, Colmar, France
  • 2018 Artist Residency, Gallery Hinten, Germany
  • 2017 The Art Colony of Jalovik, Serbia
  • 2013 Experimental Art Centre, Florence, Italy

Scholarships and Awards
  • 2013 - 2014 Dositeja, Fund for Young Talents, The Ministry of Youth and Sport, Serbia
  • 2010 - 2013 Scholarship of the Fund for Young Talents of the Municipality of Savski Venac, Serbia
  • 2013 Art Ambassador, UNESCO Club Sorbonne, Paris, France
  • 2007  A Letter of Thanks from the City of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia