Träumst du?

The main aim of this latest series of paintings titled Träumst du?  is to force the spectator to stop in front of the work by offering them  seemingly banal question which, if read a few times can turn into an unexpected moment of self-reflection and questioning of the fundamentally irreversible and pointless nature of our everyday routines. The posed question is an invitation to think and to be concerned and worried about the things of the immediate future, but also of those that go far beyond that, and to reconsider their future or, rather, their planned future. The questioning would go even further, bringing the audience to think about the inevitable passage of time, which in our age may trigger a variety of associations – from the positive ones relating to our desire to plan and do things and ‘walk the walk’, to the gloomy ones concerned with the future of our close ones, of our surrounding, nature, water, air, the extinction of animals and, ultimately, with the possible extinction of the very spectator. The idea of this ultimate scenario brings to mind the futility of the very questions and questioning, meaning that to ask questions and to question things makes sense only in the interplay of the artist’s and the spectator’s experiences, that is to say – while they exist.