The artworks presented here are part of a series of oil on canvas paintings created from 2015 to 2017. These works express themselves by means of a language of pure artistry, rely only on solving formative issues and disregard motifs and objects to the utmost extent. By applying a solid, thick layer of a specific colour, the strokes touch and permeate one another thus creating an effect of a solid structure that ‘floats’ on the canvas surface. As with the previous works, the white surface of the base is left unfilled and represents an inherent part of the painting, thereby softening an overflowing effect and saturation in each artwork. These works are characterised by a special atmosphere, positive pulsation, equanimity and spiritual harmony, by means of which a connection between rational and perceptive, concrete and intimate is continually being rediscovered. The majority of the works are in small format (20 to 40 cm) and were created as part of a research and preparation for large format paintings.