Mihaela Vujnovic

My work can be perceived as a 'total' work where the spectator can take pleasure in the unity of the works, but they can also concentrate on a specific format which, each for itself, represents a specific free-standing microcosm.

About my work

My entire work is based on reflecting on the fundamental issues of composition, colour, and light. My works are realised primarily through series of abstract paintings and drawings, but I also draw upon other mediums and forms including sculpture, video, and installation. She lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. 

My works convey their meaning in a language of pure art; they rely on dealing with creational issues and completely disregard the concepts of theme and object. By applying solid, thick layers of colour, the brushstrokes touch and permeate each other, thus creating an effect of a solid structure 'hovering over' the painting surface. A special atmosphere, positive pulsation, serenity and harmony contribute to bringing together the rational and the perceptive, the concrete and the intimate in work. A painting is often born out of an insignificant detail such as a perception of a certain colour, the feel of texture, recalling a specific shape or sound, thus developing through an unspecified period of time to the very maturity or certainty that these details can be turned into new life. Aimlessly, following the natural and instinctive striving for the ultimate moment when an artwork finally takes shape, in anxiety and exaltation, the practical artistic work comes down to searching for the optimal expression – elusive, always beyond our grasp hidden among thousands of possibilities, and almost every time finds its end in an entirely unexpected shape or form. The mutual dependability and connection among the artworks is very often invisible, but it is the inherent unity of the exhibited works which clearly emphasises the character and the solid nature of the poetics and the mutual relatedness and relationship among the artworks. 

About me

Mihaela Vujnovic was born in 1989 in Croatia. She grew up in Belgrade, where she graduated in fine art from the Faculty of Fine Arts. Afterwards, she moved to France where she was awarded an MFA from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nancy. In 2015, she received another MFA degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and her work has been the subject of several solo and group exhibitions in Europe.

Selected exhibitions
  • 2017  Freedom is Reached!, Gallery HINTEN, Chemnitz, Germany
  • 2017  All in place, SKUC, Pula, Croatia
  • 2016  ‘Come Closer to See Nothing’, Belgrade Youth Centre, Serbia
  • 2015  Action ou Vérité?, Gallery NaMiMa, Nancy, France. A group show featuring selected art students who graduated in 2014 at ENSAN in France. Participants: Juliette Ancé, Hélène Bleys, Jeannie Brie, Alma Bucciali, Damien Gete, Kirsty Grascha, Remi Illig, Camille Michel, Hugo Lermechin, Mihaela Vujnovic et Xi Zijian. 
  • 2013  Zeichnen, zeichnen, toujours, toujours, Regionale 13, Mulhouse, France. Group show of the selected art students from the art academies in Strasbourg, Metz, Nancy and Mulhouse.
  • 2013  Moi parmi eux, MJC Pichon, Nancy, France. Participants: Adin Rastoder, Zdravko Delibasic, Marija Avramovic and Mihaela Vujnovic.
  • 2011  Untitled Exhibition, Labin Art Festival, Labin, Croatia

Art Residencies
  • 2018 Artist Residency, Edition Bucciali - Printmaking Workshop and Gallery, Colmar, France
  • 2018 Artist Residency, Gallery Hinten, Germany
  • 2017 The Art Colony of Jalovik, Serbia
  • 2013 Experimental Art Centre, Florence, Italy
  • 2012 International Summer School Seggau, Seggau Castle, Austria.

Scholarships and Awards
  • 2013 - 2014 Dositeja, Fund for Young Talents, The Ministry of Youth and Sport, Serbia
  • 2010 - 2013 Scholarship of the Fund for Young Talents of the Municipality of Savski Venac, Serbia
  • 2013 Art Ambassador, UNESCO Club Sorbonne, Paris, France
  • 2007  A Letter of Thanks from the City of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia